Holiday Hair StylesThe holidays are here, and at DeWeese Design Salon Inc., we can tell that the party season is in full swing in Indianapolis, IN. Our stylists have been busy getting everyone party-ready with fantastic up-dos, brilliant color changes, and more. Want to have great holiday hair for your event? Take note of these three tips for having holiday hair you’ll love.

1. Don’t forget the dress.

No matter what you’re wearing to your holiday party (even if it’s not the classic little black dress), be sure to bring your outfit or a picture of it to your hair appointment. How you wear your hair should complement what you’re wearing for one seamless look. Our stylists can assess your outfit and give you suggestions on how to best wear your hair for your big night out.

2. Consider the party (and after-party) activities.

What’s planned for the party? Dinner? Dancing? Games? Get an idea of what type of activities you’ll be doing, and plan your hair style accordingly. You don’t want to have your stylist spend hours on a complicated up-do if you plan to shake your thing all night, thus leaving your hair in shambles. You can still have an up-do, but your stylist can work with you to find one that’s going to stay in place no matter what the night brings. Or…you may just decide to add some volume and curls and let your long locks flow.

3. Set aside plenty of time for party prep.

We’ve had it happen before: A customer sets an appointment for the day of the party, leaving him or her only an hour to run home, throw on clothes, and head out to the event. Don’t do this to yourself. Book a hair appointment that will give you enough time to enjoy your salon experience, grab a cup of coffee, get home for final prep, and head out for the night without any stressors. Your overall hair and party experience will be much more pleasant.

Book your holiday hair appointment soon! With all these parties around Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, and the surrounding areas, our schedules are quickly filling up. Contact us today at (317) 271-8000.

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