Like decorations, entertainment, and other aspects, wedding hairstyle trends come and go. While you certainly want to choose a hairstyle that compliments your face, dress, and type of hair, it’s important to many brides to have a hairstyle that is timely and beautiful. Here are five wedding hairstyles for 2022 from the team at DeWeese Design Salon Inc.

4 Wedding Hairstyles for 2022


A great wedding hairstyle for any bride is an updo like the French twist. Consider a light and airy look that can be tailored to your style, like leaving a few loose tendrils for a more messy look. Updos are also great for brides who may have thinner hair.


Braids are definitely in for 2022 and they are very versatile. French braids, braided crowns, half up and half down with braids incorporated. It’s also very easy to incorporate accessories into braided hairstyles like shells, tiaras, and clips.


Wearing a dress with a high neckline? Consider a high bun that keeps the hair up and out of your face. This is another great hairstyle to work in a tiara or comb to accent the look. Plus, the high bun is fairly easy to achieve and maintain throughout the wedding.


Ponytails are pretty timeless and they remain on trend in 2022. Of course, you’ll want a fancier take on the ponytail by adding a bow or scarf. If you have shorter hair but would still prefer a longer ponytail, then consider getting hair extensions.

DeWeese Design Salon is here to make your wedding day perfect with the best hairstyle for you and your party. We always offer affordable prices on all of our salon services, and we can even travel to your location on your wedding day if you are unable to make it to our salon in Plainfield, IN. Contact us today at (317) 271-8000 to book your consultation.

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