Winter in Indiana can be brutal, especially on your hair. Much like your skin, your hair can be negatively affected by the dry winter air and it needs to be protected to keep it healthy. Harsh winter weather can harm any hair texture or type, and if you don’t take certain precautions, you could end up with damage for months or years to come. At DeWeese Design Salon, Inc., we want you to make it to spring with healthy, vibrant tresses, so here are our five steps to combat dry, winter hair.

Combat Dry Winter Hair

1. Get Regular Trims

Maintain your hair’s health and keep it looking fresh by getting trims every six to eight weeks. You can reduce the ability of your hair developing dry, split ends by getting a half-inch trimmed off regularly.

2. Don’t Use Super Hot Water

On the coldest winter days, it might be tempting to jump in a hot, steamy shower to warm up. However, the hot water can zap moisture from your hair, making it brittle and more vulnerable to breaking. Instead of taking hot showers, save your hair by washing it in lukewarm water and then giving it a cool rinse. 

3. Avoid Hairdryers

Any sort of heated styling tool, like a hairdryer or a curling iron, will dry out your hair by applying too much heat. Instead of blow drying your hair, let it air-dry indoors to preserve as much moisture as possible. Your hair is already more vulnerable during the winter months, so use this time to explore other hairstyles that don’t involve curling irons and straighteners – such as braids and buns. 

4. Use an Oil Treatment

Using an oil-based treatment on your dry hair can help restore moisture and get your hair feeling soft and healthy again. Choose a lightweight, leave-in formula, like Goldwell Elixir with argan oil to instantly revitalize dry, damaged hair. Apply nourishing hair oil at the ends daily to help replenish moisture and protect your hair. 

5. Deep Condition Weekly

A leave-in conditioner applied once per week is crucial to replenish moisture and combat the effects of dry, winter weather. Static hair is a common occurrence when your hair is subject to cold weather. Keeping hair hydrated with a leave-in conditioner, like Goldwell Elumen, will help protect it. 

For more information on Goldwell products, and tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy all winter long, come see our expert team at DeWeese Design Salon today. Contact us at (317) 271-8000 to schedule an appointment or stop by our Indianapolis location. Walk-ins are welcome!


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