School is back in session! Are your children ready for their first day? Whether they’re starting kindergarten or heading off to high school, they may be anxious seeing all their classmates. Making a statement with an updated wardrobe and haircut is just as important as getting the right books, supplies, and backpack. At DeWeese Design Salon Inc. of Indianapolis, we have some advice about getting the perfect back-to-school haircut.

Back to School Haircut

Don’t Try This at Home

Mom, although cutting your kid’s hair may save a trip to the hair salon, is it really worth the risk of cutting too much off? No one likes to look back on their school photos seeing botched bangs and uneven haircuts. Children can be squirmy and unpredictable too, so let the professionals handle the back-to-school haircut.

Sports Season

Long, shaggy hair may not be the best look if your child has an active lifestyle, especially if the overgrown haircut gets in the way of practicing for the big game. Our stylists can create a haircut that’s easy-to-maintain for even the sportiest kid.

New Do, New You

When your kid gets a hairstyle that showcases their personality, they’ll be able to walk the halls with confidence. Our professionals stay up-to-date on hair trends, so we’ll be able to give a rockin’ haircut that’ll help your student start the year off with style.

For the best back-to-school hair services in Indianapolis, visit DeWeese Design Salon Inc. We offer affordable haircuts for kids. Contact us today at (317) 271-8000 to set up an appointment. Make sure to follow our blog for more hair tips and tricks.

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