At DeWeese Design Salon Inc., one of our top most requested styles is balayage—which some clients confuse with “ombre”. They’re close, but there is a big difference. Balayage is like a more natural-looking ombre, and it’s applied differently.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a technique that has been around for quite awhile (the 1970s, in fact!), but it’s made its biggest splash in the beauty world in the last few years or so. This gorgeous and wildly popular method of hair coloring is when a stylist paints in soft sweeping brush strokes across the surface of the hair, leaving natural-looking different shades that play off the hair’s natural movement.

How is Balayage Applied?

“Balayage” is French for “sweep”, and this is very much like how it’s applied to the hair. It’s painted onto the surface softly, without foil, and it is not saturated through the section until the very tips—otherwise there would be a streak of color that would not be very soft at all.

Balayage Technique
Balayage before and after

Why Has Balayage Become Such a Popular Trend?

Balayage is so popular because it can be set to suit your skin tone, which really lights up your features. It’s a skilled technique that really creates a sun-kissed, glowing look that’s perfect for the warmer months. It’s sexy, feminine, and flattering. You just need to be sure your stylist is experienced with balayage.

Does Balayage Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Not really, which is another reason it’s so popular. Balayage makes for a much softer and more manageable grow-out than most other dyed styles. It grows out more naturally, so clients aren’t getting an obvious re-growth line. It can also last longer between appointments.

Balayage is a low-maintenance, more natural-looking style that’s modern, flattering, and just the thing for summer. If you’re dying to try it (as you should be!), contact DeWeese Salon in Indianapolis, IN, at (317) 271-8000. We would love to help you try out this stunning style. 

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