The newest trend for kids these days is “fantasy hair” or bright, colorful hair designed to look like a mermaid or even a galaxy. Typically, parents are hesitant to let their kids dye their hair fun colors during the school year, in order to adhere to any school policies or dress codes. That’s why summer is the perfect time to explore some fun color options. If you’re not sure about this trend, check out these fun benefits from DeWeese Design Salon Inc.

Fun Hair Dye for Summer

Completely Safe and Non-Permanent

You may be wondering if dying your young child’s hair is safe. Of course, you wouldn’t want to do any permanent damage or leave them with pink hair forever. However, when done correctly, fantasy hair is completely safe and will wash out after several washes. We do recommend that you come to our salon to get your child’s hair dyed professionally instead of trying to do it at home. Box dyes are more likely to cause damage and will leave stains in your bathroom in the process.

Encourages Creativity and Self-Expression

Another great benefit of letting your child dye their hair is that they can express themselves in a fun and safe way. Giving your kids control of their appearance will build their confidence and help them be more creative. Plus, unlike a tattoo or a piercing, it can be undone with ease if you or your child decides they don’t like it. Additionally, your child can choose both the color and the amount of color they would like to have. Some choose to color their whole head, while others choose to just do the bottom or a few chunks of hair throughout. Fantasy hair is completely customizable.

If you’re considering letting your kids express themselves with fun, temporary hair dyes this summer, contact DeWeese Design Salon today. Our color experts know which dyes are safe to use on kids, and which shouldn’t be used until they are older. And we love to help kids be creative! Contact us in Plainfield today at (317) 271-8000.

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