Damaged HairSummer bring its own set of challenges for hair as we deal with humidity, exposure to the sun, pools with chlorine, and oceans with saltwater. All of these elements will take a toll on your hair, and you’re left with figuring out how to fix it. At DeWeese Design Salon Inc., we have a variety of conditioning treatments to make your hair feel better than it ever has before! Even if you haven’t been exposed to the damaging summer weather, you’d be surprised at how great your hair can really feel after a proper treatment.

What does a conditioning treatment do?

These treatments not only assist in fixing the broken and damaged hair, but they will also help to prevent the damage from occurring as you continue to have sun exposure or straighten your hair. They bring back body, volume, and shine to your hair by feeding the hair antioxidant vitamins B5 and E.

How long do treatments take?

Conditioning treatments typically take 30 minutes to complete. It’s great to pair a treatment with your regularly scheduled haircut.

How much does it cost?

Conditioning treatments start at $15 – $20 and increase based on which specific type of treatment you’re having done. Your hair stylist will be able to recommend the treatment that is best for you. Your stylist can also advise you on which shampoo to use on a regular basis to maintain the quality of your hair after a conditioning treatment.

When you’re feeling down about the texture of your hair, look no further than DeWeese Design Salon in Avon. We have everything you need to get your hair back in tip-top shape. Looking for something more than just a conditioning treatment? We also do haircuts, coloring, styling for special events, and more! Contact us to schedule an appointment today at (317) 271-8000.

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