So, you’ve been Pinning to your new board titled #hair goals.  Every inspiration picture looks like it originated from My Little Pony or The Little Mermaid.  You’re in love with the vivid hues and we love it too!  Here are some pro tips to make that funky fashion color last! 

Fashion Colors 411
fashion colors fashion colors fashion colors

We’ve had clients want a big change because they’re bored or want to sport their favorite color.  Fashion colors on your hair are fun, no doubt, but they require patience and dedication, too.  Below are some secrets  to ensure your hair looks just as animated as your dreams.

  • Fades Fast: These vibrant hues have a reputation to fade after just a few shampoos.  To combat this, resist the urge to shampoo for an entire week.  After that, shampoo less often than normal.  Just consider dry shampoo your new BFF.  Using salon quality products that are sulfate and paraben free and incorporating a heat protectant will also help the cause.
  • Staining: Be careful, these deeply saturated colors could stain your favorite materials.  When towel drying, use a dark colored towel or even an old t-shirt.  Don’t forget your pillowcase, either.  Cover that while you sleep at night and avoid going to bed with your hair wet.
  • Maintenance: We mentioned fading above, we can take measures to slow down the process, but can’t stop it completely.  Be prepared for your awesome purple to fade to some shade of pink, etc.  More frequent visits to the salon will be needed to touch up.  Also, the darker your hair is to start with, the longer the process.  It’s a safe bet to prepare to be in the salon for at least half the day when you make an initial appointment for a fashion color.  Our stylists appreciate those pictures you bring in, and we’ll also help you come to a realistic plan and goal that works perfectly for your hair!  
  • Hair Health:  At DeWeese, the integrity and health of your hair is just as important as the final color.  Fashion colors can take a toll on the hair, especially if pre-lightening is needed.  We can recommend a mixture of in salon and at home treatments that will keep your hair healthy as well as fun!  

fashion colors fashion colors

Can’t commit just yet..

If a full head of a boldness isn’t your thing, but you want to do something new and fun, consider peek-a-boos, dipped ends or a colored root.  All of these options allow you test the fashion color world without an intense commitment.  


For more details or to book an appointment, call us at (317) 271-8000, or visit our salon in Indy.

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