Back-to-school time is fun and exciting for all ages. If you’re a student, then you get to look forward to seeing friends and teachers again and anticipating what the new school year will bring. A mother gets to experience that anticipation for her children and gets to see them learn and grow throughout the year. If you are not a student or a mother, then you can enjoy the return of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy blankets, and boot season as the weather starts to cool. What better way to welcome fall and a new school year than by getting a new look? The hair pros at DeWeese Design Salon Inc. recommend these top hairstyle trends for your new back-to-school ‘do. 

Back To School Bob Hairstyle

The Irregular Bob

Bobs are huge right now, so a great way to stay on trend but make it your own is to try something bold with your bob. Instead of a sharp, severe edge, go for something loose and flowing. Your stylist can strategically cut longer pieces in the front and back to give it attitude. You can even ditch the flat iron and set your natural texture free. 

The French-Girl Cut

Back-to-school time is the perfect time to try some bangs and a cut just below the shoulders. The French are pros at this effortlessly chic look. Just let the hair dry to about 75%, then twist strands into a knot or bun, which will allow the hair to naturally set into a soft wave. 

Long and Visible Layers

Tired of the bob trend? Try the anti-bob with long layers channeling your inner Victoria’s Secret model. This versatile look allows you to wear your hair straight as the layers will blend and become almost invisible, or curl the hair to make the layers pop. 

Deweese Design Salon is ready to help you change up your look for back-to-school this year. We’re located right in Indianapolis off Rockville Road, easily accessible to anyone in Indy, Avon, or the surrounding areas. To schedule an appointment, contact us today at (317) 271-8000.




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