Everyone can spot the quintessential bob haircut. Fearless woman have been sporting it for ages. For those not willing to go chin length or shorter, a newer trend in hair cuts is the long bob or lob for short. Our stylists recently finished an in house class on the lob, what it is, how to cut and style it. We’re armed with more info to pass on to you!

The lob is a variation on the classic bob, but it’s done with longer length hair. The trick is that it’s just slightly shorter in the back than the front. It’s a fantastic transitional cut, the lob is dramatic without being super short.

Lobs are a great style for a variety of woman, but especially those that mix up their styling frequently. Pictured below are our own stylists Cassie, Beth and Amanda who got new lob dos cut by our other talented stylists Dawna, Felicia, and Diana. These lobs vary in length and are stylish both curly and straight.

cassie 1

beth 2beth 1

amanda 2





If you still have questions on if the lob is right for you, this link is an awesome Q&A source. Or, stop in to DeWeese for a free consultation. We can schedule your next cut today at 317-271-8000.  

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