At DeWeese Design Salon, Inc., we love back-to-school time. New clothes, new class, and new opportunities make this time of year fun and exciting for the littlest students to near-graduates to teachers alike. No matter where you fit on that spectrum, you want to make a good impression on the first day of school. A great way to look and feel your best when school starts is by having a fresh new haircut and style. If you’re not sure which style is for you this fall, check out this list of top trending back-to-school hairstyles of 2019.

Trendy Back-to-School Hairstyle

Half Up

A huge trend in young women’s hairstyle is the half-up/half-down look. You can mix it up by putting your tresses half up in a variety of ways including: 

  • Celtic Knot Style: First, curl your hair with a curling wand . Then, pull back front pieces in either a small braid, a bobby-pin design, or a fun twist.
  • Hairbow: Wake up with the-night-before curls, add touch-ups and a shine gloss to glitz your hair the morning of. Have breakfast and tackle this adorable hair bow! Try this YouTube video for a how-to.
  • Space Buns: Utilize relaxed waves which are both stylish and simple. Then, let the double buns be the star of the show by parting your hair half up and then sectioning the top half into two even sections. Bun them up and you’re done!


For a classy, timeless look that never goes out of style, incorporate a braid into your ‘do. And, in 2019, there are so many fun ways to wear a braid, you’ll have a new look for each day of the week!

  • Relaxed Fishtail Updo: This french fishtail braid starts from parted hair and works its way off to the side, finally getting wrapped around in a bun tucked behind the ear. Pull some volume loose to create a more relaxed finished product.
  • Wispy Dutch Braid Updo: If you have short hair, simply work the dutch braid. If you have medium to long hair, pull the rest of the hair into a knot at the nape of your neck. 
  • Pretty Halo Braid: Keeping the front section very natural and the back of the hair all done-up, this can still be a 5-minute look! Just wear two tightly-wound braids to bed and wake up the the braided mess and place them into the halo braid.


Good news, ladies with long locks, high ponies are in! Just add some curls and a scrunchie (yes you read that right) and you’re ready to tackle the day. You can also add a side braid to a low pony for a casual look that is as easy as it is cute!

These hairstyles are practical and adorable, but before you get started, you’ll need a fresh cut and color. Contact DeWeese Design Salon today at (317) 271-8000 to set up an appointment at our Indianapolis location. 




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