Color melting, it sounds like a Pinterest project to do with leftover crayons, but trust us it’s so much more!  So many trends are big in hair color right now, but one of our favorites to create in the salon is the color melt. 

Benefits of Color Meltinghair color, color melt

Color melting is a variation of the popular ombre and balayage.  It’s usually done with darker roots and graduates to lighter ends, but a more personal technique is used with hand painting on the color.  For maximum blending, stick with tones in a similar color family.

  • The Girl Next Door: If you’re longing for a more natural, yet still rich look, the color melt is for you.  The hand painting application allows for sun kissed tresses exactly where you want them.  Our
    also have the opportunity to seamlessly blend the colors.   
  • Low Maintenance: Because of the purposeful blending, a color melt allows for less maintenance and time in the chair.  The freshness and longevity is greater than typical foil hilights, as well.  

hair color, color melt

hair color, color melthair color, color melthair color, color melt






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