If you’re not a professional stylist, choosing the right products and using them correctly might feel very overwhelming. There are so many hair care products out there that it is hard to know which are necessary and which to skip. When it comes to haircare, a general rule to follow is “Less Is More” because too much product causes heaviness and buildup in your hair. It is also important to know the correct method to use each product so that it will work as intended for your hair. The hair care experts at DeWeese Design Salon, Inc. are eager to share these tips and tricks to get the most out of your hair products

The Right Way to Use Hair Products

Close the Caps

Many people leave the caps of their shampoo and conditioner open just out of habit. Close those caps! Leaving bottles open allows air to seep in, oxidizing the active ingredients and reducing their efficacy. 

Distribute Evenly

Taking the time to evenly distribute products before you blow-dry may take a few extra minutes but it will be worth it when your products work well. You can use duckbill clips to separate hair starting at the nape of the neck and moving in sections upward until you have applied product evenly over your whole head. 

Don’t Over-Oil

If your hair is extra dry, use oils sparingly before you blow-dry. If you apply oils when your hair is already dry, it will weigh it down and add buildup. Also, avoid the scalp when applying oils. Apply oils mid-shaft to the end of strands when your hair is still wet.

Warm Up Wax

If you are using wax or pomade to help texturize a pixie or to define layers, use only a very small amount at first, and warm it up in your hands before applying. Warm wax is easier to work with and won’t leave your strands looking greasy.

Shimmy Dry Shampoo

Shimmying your hands through your hair a lot when applying dry shampoo will help it distribute correctly. However, don’t massage your scalp, as that will release more unwanted oils. 

Massage Mousse

Instead of applying a concentrated blob of mousse directly to your hair, rub the dollop in between your hands until it becomes a lotion-like texture, and then apply to wet hair. This wakes up the active ingredients and helps you to distribute it evenly.

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