Ombre Before and AfterAre you wondering whether it’s time to go ombre with your hairstyle? Is it just a celebrity trend or something that will work for you? At DeWeese Design Salon, Inc. of Indianapolis, we’ve had an increase in customers wanting ombre hair—that darker, natural look at the roots that gradually fades into lighter ends. Before you decide to go ombre, consider these few questions.

1. Are you tired of touch-ups?

If you color your hair regularly, you may find ombre a welcome change. When you go ombre, you don’t have to be as rigid with getting those touch-ups. Your roots are already your natural hair color, so you can let it grow without really noticing major changes. We still recommend that you get those regular trims, but your stylist can work with you on a more relaxed touch-up schedule for your ombre look.

2. Have you colored your hair in the past?

To anyone who is new to hair color, ombre is a great option. You don’t have to go too bold with the lighter shades at the bottom, and the change can be less dramatic than all-over hair color. That way, you get a taste of a different color without having to be all in.

3. Do like the best of both worlds?

Blond or brunette? With ombre, you get a little bit of both! You can enjoy the perks of having those darker, rich colors that are great for the fall and winter while still enjoying the lighter look at the tips.

4. Are you willing to try something different?

If you’re new to ombre or hair color, the concept might seem a little odd. However, if you’re ready to completely change your look (without even having to change haircuts), then ombre is a great way to go.

To find out more about ombre hair color or to get a consultation with one of our stylists, contact DeWeese Design Salon today at (317) 271-8000. We’ll gladly tell you all about our services, your color options, and help you find a custom look that works for you.

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