Back-to-school season is one of our favorites at DeWeese Design Salon, Inc. and this year is even more exciting than usual. Most school-aged children have been out of school since March due to COVID-19 shutdowns, so the upcoming school year is a much-anticipated event! While there are several things to think about and do in preparation for the first day of school, one special event with your kids is back-to-school haircuts. Not only is it a great way to prepare for school under normal circumstances, a haircut might even be more necessary this year as many are still rocking their quarantine hair! Read on for some great tips from our stylists.

Back to School Haircuts

1. Find a Style You Can Agree On

Depending on the age of your child, you may have a battle ahead of you when choosing a back-to-school haircut. If they are a little bit older, they may start to have a different opinion about what their hair should look like. We recommend you have the conversation before heading to the salon, so you both are on the same page when you arrive. Again, this depends on the age of the child but, if you are the one doing their hair each morning before school, be sure you choose a style that you can master quickly, in order to avoid frustrating mornings.

2. Be Flexible

When it comes to kids, you almost always have to be flexible. This is especially true when cutting their hair. If you and your little girl have agreed on straight across bangs, but she is unable to sit still, you may need to choose a different haircut. Instead, consider styles with more room for error such as side bangs, long layers, and clipper cuts that are one length around instead of precisely faded. Your stylist can help you find the right hairstyle for each of your children, no matter their age.

3. Make an Appointment

With the new COVID-19 restrictions, appointments are required for each visit. However, we also recommend you make an appointment whenever you’re bringing in children because having the same stylist each time is beneficial to the experience. Your child is less likely to experience anxiety surrounding their haircut if they feel like they know the person who is cutting their hair.

At DeWeese Design Salon, we are looking forward to getting your kids ready for their first day of school! Our Indianapolis salon is sanitized and wiped down more frequently, and both staff and guests are required to wear masks at this time. Contact us today at (317) 271-8000 to make your haircut or color appointment.

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