Everyone is familiar with the 1970s fashion icon Twiggy, with her unique style, big lashes, and fabulous pixie haircut. This bold look is eye-catching and dramatic, showcasing true femininity without hiding behind layers of hair. Pixie cuts are an incredible fashion move. While it takes courage to chop off hair, it’s a bold move for a new look this summer. At DeWeese Design Salon Inc., we are the cut, color, and curl experts to keep your style on trend.

Before any bold hair move, it’s important to do your research with careful consideration. If you’ve been thinking about a new look for a while, you’re ready to take the plunge. Our professional stylists are here to bring your fashion dreams into reality!

Rock the Pixie Cut for a Bold New You This SummerBold Hair for a New You This Summer!

What Is a Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is the boldest move a woman can make by chopping off lengthy hair at or above the ears. Gone are the days of throwing your hair into a messy bun. While it takes a fraction of the time to style your hair, it’s necessary to do every day. If you’re unsure about the pixie cut, dip your toe into the water with a short fringe cut. If you like it, you’ll be ready to take the plunge.

Is this a Masculine Look?

Absolutely not. Some of the world’s most beautiful women rock the pixie cut. The key is keeping it feminine with face-framing accent pieces. The pixie is a completely different cut than a man’s haircut, so rest assured you won’t be getting the same treatment. A pixie cut is perfect to wear with a bold lip, earrings, or eyewear. This is a timeless look that complements oval, round, and heart-shaped faces.

How Is the Maintenance?

The shorter the hair, the more often it needs to be trimmed to keep the style and shape. A pixie cut requires a trim every four to six weeks. Consider your lifestyle and hair goals, and discuss them at length with your stylist. Do your research, and bring pictures of cuts you like.

Check out our complete services including cut, color, DevaCurl, and wedding hair with professional products available to keep your look lasting until your next cut. Contact DeWeese Design Salon Inc. at (317) 271-8000 to schedule your next hair appointment today!

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