Fall is on the horizon here in Indiana and the long, sweaty days of keeping your hair in a bun will soon be behind you. The perfect way to celebrate the start of fall is by ditching the summer blonde and choosing a fun, bold fall color! Our team at DeWeese Design Salon loves helping our clients find the perfect color that will compliment your skin tone, eyes, and hairstyle. Read on to learn why you should consider a new fall color this season.

Out With the Blonde, In With the Fall Colors

Get Ready for Fall

It won’t be long now until you will be attending fun family gatherings and outdoor fall activities every weekend. A great way to mentally prepare yourself for all of the events to come is to physically prepare yourself. With a darker shade, you’ll set the tone and get yourself ready for a new season. Consider a classic brown for a natural middle ground color that suits pretty much anyone.

Add Dimension

Summer colors are generally light, bright, and airy, while fall colors tend to be warmer and bring more dimension. Your sweaters and boots will be complimented more by auburn or wine-colored hair than they would by a bright blonde color. We love an auburn color for a beautiful, trendy, and versatile look. If you have long hair, adding waves to the look is a great way to make your style more modern while accentuating the color.

Try Something New

Give yourself permission to try something brand new this fall. If you’ve always been blonde but you’ve been curious about darker shades, fall is the perfect time to try one out! Why not try a mix of cinnamon and chocolate colors for the perfect contrast between a warm auburn and dark brunette base? We love layering these colors for a subtle look that pairs perfectly with bangs. Trying something new will not only make you feel spontaneous, but you’ll also look stunning!

To get started on your fall look, contact the color experts at DeWeese Design Salon in Plainfield today at (317) 271-8000. We’ll help you find the perfect seasonal color and give you a great haircut to go with it.

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