Have you made plans for the Fourth of July? If you’re like most residents of Indiana, you’ll be spending the day at the pool, BBQing in the evening, and then gathering with your friends and family to enjoy a local fireworks display. At DeWeese Design Salon Inc., we can think of nothing better than these classic Fourth plans, but just one thing is missing: your hair care! We love summer and enjoying a good pool day, but all that sunshine and chlorine can take a toll on your hair! But don’t cancel your plans just yet, because if you read on, you’ll find we have the solution for you!

Protecting Your Hair This Fourth of July

Protect Your Hair

Our first advice to keep your hair healthy this summer is to do everything you can to protect it from summer’s most harmful elements: sun and chlorine. We recommend wearing a hat or a scarf that covers your hair whenever you plan to be outside for a long period. This will help to minimize fading and keep your hair healthy. Similarly, minimizing the amount of chlorine your hair absorbs is quite simple by wetting it with tap water before submerging and rinsing it out afterward. Because dry hair is more absorbent, wetting it with tap water beforehand will reduce the chemicals it absorbs.

Treat Your Hair

Even if you’re careful, your hair is bound to absorb a certain amount of chlorine, and that’s okay! We’d hate for your Fourth of July weekend to be ruined because you were too concerned about your hair. Luckily, we have just the treatment to help your hair recover and remove chlorine. The Malibu Hair Treatment uses vitamin C granules to nourish the scalp and remove chlorine, leaving your hair soft and shiny.

Style Your Hair

Our final tip to keep your hair healthy this summer is to choose loose and comfortable styles rather than tight and damaging ones. On a pool day, it’s understandable why a tight braid could be tempting to keep your hair out of your eyes, but doing so might damage your hair. Instead, choose a loose bun or relaxed braid to keep your hair under control without risking breakage.

The team at DeWeese Design Salon wishes you a happy Fourth of July and invites you to stop in for a Malibu Treatment after your fun weekend! Contact us today at (317) 271-8000 to schedule an appointment in Plainfield.

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