Fall is in full swing, so say goodbye to sundresses and tank tops, and hello to cozy flannels, sweaters, and cute boots. Whether you are apple picking with your friends or curling up by the fireplace, you will feel fall-ready with a new ‘do and fresh color. The stylists at DeWeese Design Salon, Inc. are always up on the latest trends and have compiled this list of color ideas to spark your hair inspiration. 

Fall Hair Color Trends

Make it Mushroom

Neutral brown and low-light tones, such as mushroom, can add depth and richness to your faded summer highlights. No need to re-bleach your hair, the deeper color will make your existing highlights look lighter and brighter. Adding a cool shade of toner all over will blend all of the colors together.

Channel Flannel

Just like those cozy flannel shirts that we all love this time of year, your hair can have a warm blend of hues for extra depth this fall. Instead of one flat shade of red, consider blending together several rich shades such as copper, autumn, deep crimson, plum, and eggplant in a single design, similar to what you see in plaids.

Pretty Periwinkle

We can’t get enough of this beautiful blend of violet, blue, and lavender for a fresh and comfortable look this fall. The secret to creating a standout shade of periwinkle is to combine slender strands of silvery blue, stonewashed denim, and dusty purple for an all-over, multi-dimensional result.

Creamy Caramel

Not ready to go bold with jewel tones or cool shades like periwinkle and silver? No problem, caramel highlights add a rich element to medium-to-dark brunette hair colors that is perfect for fall. Using a blue-toned shampoo and conditioner will help your highlights avoid fading into brassy territory for months to come. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to summer bleach and hello to fresh fall color? Contact DeWeese Design Salon, Inc. to book your next appointment at (317) 271-8000.








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