A trip to the salon makes women and men look great and feel good. It’s also arguably a great way that some people practice self-care. At DeWeese Design Salon Inc, we love pampering clients and providing excellent service. Interestingly, many clients ask us questions about salon etiquette to show appreciation and consideration for their services and stylists. Well, you’ve requested, and we now answer the most common questions in this article.

The Do's and Don'ts of Salon Etiquette

1. What if I’m late?

As you can imagine, stylists run on tight schedules, so staying on track and on time is crucial. If a client runs late, the appointment often runs over, and so does every appointment afterward. Stylists do their best to make up the time and serve each of their clients to the best of their ability, and you can probably guess the stress that creates. We understand things come up, and one late appointment or traffic that causes you to be five minutes late happens sometimes. However, arriving 10-15 minutes late for every appointment impacts other clients’ services

2. When do I need to cancel an appointment?

Wait. Do you mean you don’t have every aspect of life planned and ultimately figured out? In all seriousness, we understand life throws curveballs, and we all have to adjust at times. If you ever need to cancel, we genuinely appreciate at least several days’ notice. That lead time gives us time to try to fill the spot. Otherwise, the stylist loses compensation for that time. 

3. How much should I tip?

We understand it’s genuinely uncomfortable when you’re unfamiliar with what’s customary. Additionally, we often find that clients don’t want to ask their stylist directly. In fact, it’s often only when they come in for the first time and go to pay that they question how much of a tip is appropriate. So, here’s the deal. A 20% tip is customary unless you’re not pleased. Of course, if you love your haircut or styling, you can always tip more. 

4. Why Do People Share So Much With Stylists?

If you spend multiple hours with your stylist every month or so, it’s only natural that you conversate and develop a relationship. When it comes to salon etiquette, communication depends on the comfort level between client and stylist. Some clients share almost everything with their stylist, who is okay with discussing it. Some prefer not to engage much, and stylists completely respect that, too. When in doubt, you might shy away from polarizing topics like politics and religion. Otherwise, communicate at a level that feels comfortable to you, and your stylist will reciprocate. 

Stylists Observe Salon Etiquette, Too

At DeWeese Design Salon, we thrive when we serve clients well and help them look great and feel confident. Experience our high-end hair styling products, gorgeous hair color services, and wedding party/group event hair services. We commit to providing outstanding service, meeting your expectations, and respecting you and your time. Call (317) 271-8000 to schedule an appointment in Plainfield. 

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