Pixie Haircut

It’s an unseasonably warm winter here in Indianapolis at DeWeese Design Salon Inc. Although the temperature is nice, the days are still mostly dark and dreary. The holidays have come and gone, and now we are just waiting for spring. It’s about that time of year when people start itching for change.
Maybe a new haircut or color is just the right fix to get you excited for the months ahead.

The up and coming styles for 2017 are starting to trend online. What is this year’s go-to cut, you ask? Pixies! A pixie cut is a haircut that is typically short in the back near the nape of the neck and longer on top and towards the front. Many people aren’t sure if they want to take the plunge and cut it all off. Do you have reservations about such a big chop? Let’s see if we can ease those concerns.

Is it right for my face shape?

Pixie hairstyles can work on all types of face shapes. While some women assume it will make their face look too round or maybe too pointed, it can actually be quite flattering depending on which length and style you go with. There are so many unique choices we can customize to you!

Is my hair the right texture?

Pixie haircuts can also be done for many hair types. Here at DeWeese, we have stylists who specialize in curly hair. Natural curls can be very easy to maintain when cutting into a short style. Just shower, add some product, and off you go. Same for straight hair! Many women find they can blow dry in half the time, and then with just a simple pass of a straight iron, it’s perfectly styled for the day ahead. What could be better than whittling down on that early morning routine?

What if I regret it?

Satisfied customers are the most important thing to us at DeWeese. We want nothing more than for you to be happy. Coming in for a consultation with one of our hair stylists will help guarantee your fulfillment with your new hairdo.  We are available to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today at (317) 271-8000.

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