Do you have someone in your life who absolutely loves all things beauty-related? You can always spot a beauty lover because they always have the latest and greatest hair tools, and their bathroom counter looks like an aisle of Sephora. If that sound like someone on your list, you’re in luck! Today on the blog, your friends at DeWeese Design Salon Inc. have put together a list of three awesome gifts for beauty lovers.

Gifts for Beauty Lovers

1. Silk Pillowcase

After putting so much effort into their hair and skin, the beauty-lover in your life isn’t likely to want all that to go to waste as they sleep! A silk pillowcase minimizes friction on your skin and hair which leaves fewer creases and bed head to deal with in the morning. A silk pillowcase can be pricey, but we have found it to be a fan favorite that is sure to please the beauty lover in your life.

2. Gift Cards

The great thing about buying gift cards is that they work for those who regularly get beauty treatments as well as those who want those treatments but rarely spend the money on themselves. Consider a gift card to DeWeese Design Salon Inc. for a cut and color, and your beauty-lover will get the opportunity to spend a little time and effort on themselves that they may not have otherwise.

3. Specialized Skin Care

Finally, instead of just buying lotions from the drugstore, put in some real effort to show your loved one that you really thought about them. Stores like Sephora or Ulta can help you choose a skin-care regime for the beauty lover in your life that will show that you truly put some effort into this year’s gift. They can even specialize the products to your loved one’s specific skin-care needs.

As you shop for the beauty-lover in your life, don’t forget to stop by DeWeese Design Salon in Plainfield. We will be closed for the holidays from December 24-27 so don’t wait to buy those gift cards! Contact us today at (317) 271-8000 to set up an appointment or stop by – walk-ins welcome!

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