Let’s face it, curls are complicated. There is no “one size fits all” formula that will tame everyone’s curls, and there are thousands of products out there promising to do just that. When you are trying to find the right hair products, it is important to know what kind of curls you have. The curl experts at DeWeese Design Salon, Inc. can help you discover your curl type and pinpoint exactly which products are best suited for you. We are pleased to offer the innovative DevaCurl products for those wishing to embrace and revitalize their curls. The DevaCurl process truly transforms even the most difficult-to-manage curly hair. Here are four product categories from DevaCurl to get you started.

Which Hair Products are Best for Your Curls?

Define and Control

If your curl could use some extra definition and you want to minimize frizz, try the Define and Control system. You can use the cream products if you want super soft curls and need extra moisture. Try the gel products to get a long lasting set. Gel produces a protective curl cast that prevents frizz while drying. Once your curls are totally dry, you can do a quick shake out to release the cast and remove the crunch factor.

Texture and Volume

For curls that are falling flat and could use an extra shot of personality, try the Texture and Volume system. Wave Maker is a lightweight product that will define wavy hair without weighing it down. B’Leave In acts as a curl plumber and makes curls actually look thicker. 

Shine and Finish

The Shine and Finish products are ideal for curls that need extra help combating the elements, such as wind and humidity. MirrorCurls provides a lot of shine without the use of silicone. Flexible Hold Hairspray is a flexible, soft-to-the-touch formula that holds without hardening. 

Refresh and Extend

If your day 2 hair has gone crazy and needs a pick-me-up, Refresh and Extend products are for you. The Mist-er Right and No-Comb Detangling Spray will de-frizz and tame tangles so that your curls can be restored and revitalized, and you can leave the house looking fabulous.

At DeWeese Design Salon, your curls are in good hands. Four of our stylists have even traveled to New York for training and to become DevaCurl certified. Contact us today at (317) 271-8000 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 





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