Are you searching for the best hairstyle for spring and summer? Then look no further than Balayage. Not only does it look beautiful, but there are also several benefits to this style. The team here at DeWeese Design Salon Inc. has the answers to your questions.

Why Balayage highlights are Great for Spring and Summer Hair

What is Balayage?

Balayage comes from a French term that means “sweeping.” It is a more natural-looking highlight hairstyle with no hard lines. It very much has a “sun-kissed” look, making it an ideal style for the warmer and sunnier seasons.

How is it Applied?

Unlike traditional highlights, there is no foil used in the Balayage process. It is free-hand painted on the surface of the hair. Depending on the wanted depth of the highlights, the application can range from only a few minutes to several hours.

Safe for Pregnancy and Allergies

One of the more important benefits of Balayage highlights is that they are safe for those who are pregnant or have allergies. This is because the highlights are only applied to the surface of the hair and not saturated all the way to the scalp making it an incredibly safe style.

Less Maintenance

Traditional highlights generally need upkeep every six weeks. With Balayage, touch-ups are only necessary between eight and 12 weeks, saving you time and keeping money in your pocket.

Healthier Hair

Again, since your hair is not fully saturated with bleach or dyes and the color treatment is applied less frequently, Balayage is much easier on your hair. You’ll get a beautiful look while still maintaining softer hair that isn’t so dried out from many processes.

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