Do you go to a professional stylist to get your hair cut, styled, or treated? If so, you should understand the importance of protecting your investment with salon-quality hair products. Why pay salon prices for cut and styling only to buy lesser products that aren’t good for your hair? At DeWeese Design Salon Inc, we know that determining which products are worthwhile and which to avoid can be confusing. But don’t worry because we tackle that issue in this post so that you can get the best products for your hair. 

Why You Need Salon Quality Hair Products

Cheaper Brands

Obviously, a price gap exists between the salon and retail hair product brands, but have you ever wondered why? Or do you happily pay the lesser amount, satisfied that you got the best deal? With many products, cheaper is better. However, hair products don’t fall into this category. 

Cheaper brands either don’t contain quality ingredients or have them in minimal amounts. The latter may contain sulfates and other elements that can harm hair. It also uses fillers and additives that aren’t as effective and requires more product to achieve similar results. In reality, the price gap lessens when you use salon-quality hair products because you use a far less amount with each wash. 

Salon Brands at Grocery Stores and Drug Stores

Okay, so you’re clear on the difference between cheaper brands versus professional hair products. But what about those salon brands that you see? You know, the ones listed at discounted prices online and in drug stores and grocery stores? Like most things, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

First, some of the discounted professional brands are fakes. Especially the ones you see listed online from third-party sellers. Unfortunately, these products can contain chemicals and other harmful substances that damage your hair. Next, most of the legitimate professional products that make it to retail store shelves are rejected by the manufacturer. Manufacturers offload damaged and expired products and those with quality issues. If you purchase one of these, please check the expiration date and make sure the product isn’t damaged.

Specific Hair Types and Professional Advice

Professional stylists understand the science and technology behind salon-quality products. Moreover, DeWeese stylists use products every day and are well-positioned to know what works best with certain hair types. They base their selections on knowledge and experience. At the salon, we selectively choose our brands, including Goldwell, MyDevaCurl, Brazilian Blowout, Kenra, American Crew, and others. Whether you need products for hair damage, shine, curly hair, or otherwise, a DeWeese stylist will use products that work and make recommendations specific to you.

Consult a DeWeese Stylist

DeWeese Design Salon happily serves customers in Indianapolis, Plainfield, Avon, and the surrounding area. Check out our full menu of services and contact us online with questions. If you need a cut, style, or salon-quality hair product, give us a call at (317) 271-8000.  

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