3 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Summer Hair

After the rainy spring we’ve had in central Indiana, most of us are anxious to get outside into the summer sun. While we are craving the fresh air, leisure activities, and vitamin D, our hair needs extra special care to … Continued

What Product Is Best for Your Curl Type?

Let’s face it, curls are complicated. There is no “one size fits all” formula that will tame everyone’s curls, and there are thousands of products out there promising to do just that. When you are trying to find the right … Continued

The Ultimate Cure for the Winter Blues

Today is another winter day, and that may mean another winter snow storm here in central Indiana. Sure, the snow would have been lovely at Christmastime but now we are all just cold, wet, and longing for the first signs … Continued

Balayage for Beautiful Hair On-The-Go!

Ever wish you could ditch the foil technique and paint your hair color in specific areas? Look no further than the latest hair coloring craze called balayage! Hairstylists are truly artists, and many times magicians, so it’s time to put … Continued

3 Tips for Repairing Summer Damage to Hair

As summer comes to an end and the school bells ring, it’s time to put your best foot forward with a stylish new look from DeWeese Design Salon Inc. Each student is fashion forward with a back to school haircut from … Continued

Balayage 101: Your Guide to a Bombshell Style

At DeWeese Design Salon Inc., one of our top most requested styles is balayage—which some clients confuse with “ombre”. They’re close, but there is a big difference. Balayage is like a more natural-looking ombre, and it’s applied differently.

Fix the Damage this Summer!

Summer bring its own set of challenges for hair as we deal with humidity, exposure to the sun, pools with chlorine, and oceans with saltwater. All of these elements will take a toll on your hair, and you’re left with … Continued